Place Kléber

Furniture at Place Kléber in Mulhouse

A 3 week design whose aim was to accompany the transitional furniture and its public consultation for the urban participation agency, “Mulhouse c’est vous” in Mulhouse.

In its entirety, it was created with reused elements except for some metalwork details. Old doors, furniture walls, cupboards or even chipboard boards were all used and then treated with marine varnish.

The colours of the palette are neutral so as not to take a derisory step towards its function. A use that is not specific to one, since the evolution of the modulations made each week have led to the discovery of new uses such as gardening, relaxation, games and meetings.

Furniture made by our team in collaboration with Technistub in their workshop. The Technistub team imagined a chess set made of Plexiglas scraps, then designed and cut it with a laser.

On the first day of the opening day, we thought of an animation gathering the creative minds of the children, starting with a balloon game, brought in different sizes, and made with PVC pipes.

Then a collaboration with “Du Singulier au Pluriel” for the design of a huge labyrinth that took the children on a journey that would launch their creativity.

Photography: @Maria Sava