The reception hall direction with the coworking function

A softening of a place by an atmosphere that refocuses on a single point, gathered from seats scattered in the round for a conviviality with a
colour palette of beige, water green and petrol blue. The screens lighten the angles with their solid ash tip and make the space visually warmer.
The latter are associated with a double function allowing to combine warmth and technique by transforming the walls into a showroom thanks
to the removable toilets.

Professional furniture Kinarpse and modular sofa Ann, from Arianské

These custom-made BEEM Smile suspended lights create an osmosis by placing their lines on the 70s staircase.

The Smile 3 bulb features an LED tube combined with a ceramic base. Equipped with an internal rotating mechanism, each of the models
can be adjusted to create a balanced alignment with the other bulbs, if installed in a group.

Photography: @Maria Sava