Progressive fabrication

Action, reaction! 

Technistub is partnering with newance in order to make the furniture for the workshop on a volunteer basis.

Together, they put their creative skills to use to create the furniture produced by the design workshop.

The 100 trees and its urbain furniture

What if street decoration was a new source of enjoyment for its population and its visual well-being? 

Streets are not only designed for aesthetics but also for functionality, with spaces for children.

Up, up, up!

“A couple of designers as inventive as friendly.”

Newance is working on the scenography of the Street Bouche and Longevity Festival!

Imagining our neighborhood

“The Fonderie neighbourhood has a strong potential which, for me, must succeed in the challenge of being highlighted, while living with its own time.”

Behind the scenes of Street Bouche

“Street Bouche emphasizes local development and relies exclusively on local actors, both in terms of restaurateurs and artists and other stakeholders, such as Newance, a design studio from Strasbourg.”

Cymatique's first event was hot

“Sophisticated and efficient”.

All the outlines of the premises were able to create geometric shapes and aesthetic renewal among a new palette of color always more electric.

On your marks... At ease!

The birth of this reflection came from a way to implement a functional furniture by reusing the boxes which used to transport boat parts.

This utilization or rather reutilization came from a desire to intelligently design an object that had already had another function before while keeping an eco-responsible side as well as an advantage for the users.

The Omnino from Strasbourg #1

“The reflection, the design and the fineness of the chosen materials are part of the creation of these places filled with modernity. Through this solution brought for the social proximity between customers and sellers, its space is enhanced by natural materials.”

Stone floor, worked by craftspeople. Natural wood veneers for the furniture. Use of limestone for the walls. Custom made lighting fixtures.

The Omnino from Strasbourg #2

In the center of Strasbourg, we find Omnino, where the specialty café reinforces the roots that unite us. The ideal place to taste these multi-flavored products in a soothing atmosphere.

Pimp my street & Afterwork Newance

Distribution of the green card for the design studio newance that Mix Magazine highlights!

Rue du jeu des enfants

The concrete adorns more and more of the cities and it is by this green impulse that will accompany the vegetation of the places.

Season #2 Briand : Benoit Stègre, newance

Benoit answers your questions! Link to the podcast