Rue du jeu des enfants

The knowledge hut

In order to give a graphic appearance to the city of Strasbourg, the “Rue du jeu des enfants” was sublimated from its inspiration of birdhouses to create a “knowledge hut” in which wood and plexiglas materials were favoured.

The plexiglas offers the possibility of seeing its capacity filled with books. The barter library, a principle allowing everyone to recycle in a simple gesture.

An object you no longer use is about to be thrown away while another one in the barter library could satisfy you ? Make a simple exchange, which will bring happiness to you and another user.

The overall structure was created by reusing an old chest of drawers and then creating a metal part to raise it up. To maintain a durable solution against the weather we installed yellow painted corrugated sheet metal.

A singular colour that will spread its cheerful light over the melancholy-coloured alley. A few steps away, the Citizen’s Terrace located in front of the Star Cinema, has been decorated with pallet wood, a metal structure and corrugated sheets.

A parking area for bicycles has also been created from pallets, encouraging people to travel by bike.

Photography: @Maria Sava