Les Pinsons

Arrangement of the alternative college Les Pinsons

Located on the Quais Saint Nicolas in the Krutenau district, the decorations of an alternative school “Les Pinsons” on two levels have been designed. On a surface of approximately 150 m2, the workshop has composed its space by being modular and easily movable in order to be able to contain a class of 10-12 students and their teachers.

The ground floor has been given a large space to allow the reception, the relaxation area, the projections and the free classes to flourish in its space. The adjoining parts offer a teachers’ room, a cloakroom and a toilet.

On the first floor there is a dining area with an open kitchen where the dining table was the subject of a workshop with students in our workshops. The furniture has been adapted so that it can be height- adjustable and easily moved by its removable walls, while respecting perfectly the plurality of the teachings carried out (yoga, brain gym, languages etc …).

The various pieces of furniture such as the bookcase, the dining table, the bench or the light sculpture were made to measure and then the colours and materials of these different elements were fine-tuned to stimulate creativity while gaining space, modularity and storage.

The universe offers its palette of colours in a functionality born from numerous exchanges with Amandine and François, passionate about their project.

Photography: @Maria Sava