Fitting out of Izhak for a new generation communication agency

The former EDF offices in the Robertsau district of Strasbourg were restructured and fitted out. With a surface area of approximately 350 m2, we designed the premises to give the spaces different atmospheres and offer users a place that best meets their expectations.

The entrance begins with an airlock in midnight blue, which welcomes visitors with a personalised message displayed on a connected screen. A two-part corridor distributes the offices and has been transformed into a modular exhibition gallery, thanks to the curtains that cover the walls in the first part.

The second part has been transformed into a games corridor, topped by a luminous sculpture that we designed and produced in collaboration with a neon sign blower. We imagined rooms with their own emotions for each of them so that they could be adapted to each employee for a complete immersion and appropriation of the space according to moods and needs. “Emulsion”, an open space conducive to exchange, offers various seating options and functions. Round tables, armchairs and hanging hammock chairs are available to employees.

A cloakroom space composed of two mottled lockers, which we have combined with two double-sided columns, dedicated to the display of products, made to measure in green MDF stained in the mass. A conference area with a connected screen and wooden volumes, adjustable in seats and coffee table, which we designed and produced in collaboration with a carpenter. The “Shaker” is a dynamic meeting room, another of our creations for this place, made of bent metal and PVC curtains used in the industry.

In the centre is an old wooden table which has been turned into a high table, by enhancing it with the same tubes as the structure of the “Shaker”. Then, a relaxation area with a suspended bookcase that we imagined and a hammock on legs and a small nightclub for letting go. The “Créa” offices, far from the active poles and bathed in light, offer a framework for reflection and creation. We have created a brightly coloured platform, which serves as access to the terrace, accompanied by a sky path to hang inspirations, garlands… A wall sculpture with pure curves, made of ceramic swallows, represents creation in a materialized way.

The “Meeting room”, is a large room with clean lines, dedicated to the exchange of creative-clients, for a better dynamic in their production, it is separated from a technical room by a sliding door made to measure, brass plated. The “Veranda”, which is a place for relaxation and informal meetings, is furnished in the spirit of the Parisian terraces, which brings the sweetness of drinking a coffee and creating.

The “Greenhouse” is a place for dining and culinary exchange where ideas meet and form links. We imagined and created a revisited wooden greenhouse, which we completed with planters for aromatic plants as well as a drinks and coffee area. The table is made to measure, from elements of the concrete industry that we have turned into legs and its top in raw planks with bark.

The “boudoir” is a meeting room where we have revisited the aesthetics of a country club lounge, for an intimate atmosphere that favours exchanges in small groups. This creative and modern atmosphere has been thought out in close collaboration with our clients, where the energy of Izhak would govern these places for this new generation agency through the colours and materials. A strong emphasis on exchange and collaboration with the agency’s associates, to create this innovative and impactful space that matches their work.

Photography: @Maria Sava