Participative workshops

Keeping space for citizens and participating in the manufacture of small urban furniture by contributing to the development of the resources available nearby.

A problematic aiming to involve outsiders around a design and production workshop for small urban furniture up to the implementation of its vegetation in the urban environment.

A programme organised by the newance design workshop in the Fonderie district on 30-31 July and 6-7 August 2021, in the former Soflog Telis building in Mulhouse.

Once the small street furniture has been built, it will be set up to be installed for a period of 2-3 years to accompany the transition of the site.

More and more actors, led by the newance workshop with the participation of fablab Technistub and KM0, the participations are open to all, as well as to groups constituted in connection with associations and are carried out at the foot of the site where they will be installed. A gesture that no longer aims to be a simple spectator but an actor of our city of tomorrow.

Photography: @Maria Sava