Aristide Briand

Urban lung

Newance is pushing the limits of size by designing an urban lung the size of a parking space as part of the AMI Briand project, of which we are winners in 2019.

A piece of furniture installed during season 2, in 2020, as a continuation of the proposal to take over parking spaces in order to give the urban space back to the citizens.

Street furniture made up in the spirit of reuse, right down to its painting, thanks to our partner “l’Art et la Matière”.

For a period of 6 months in the avenue Aristide Briand in Mulhouse, nr 42, the observation could be made by contemplating these planters taken from old storage boxes of the industry then adapted in order to welcome the ground and its plants, in the same way for the platforms which were carried out out of revalorized wood of newance studio.

Photography: @Maria Sava